First enrollment and registration deadline is approaching. On May 15th we are closing the enrollment and registration for the camp 1 and 2 and for any arrival until August 5th. All Athletes not registered by then will be moved to the waiting list. We are fully booked and are unable to increase lodging capacity as we did in the past years. Wanaka experiencing fully booked accommodation this winter and we are unable to secure more lodging for TCRA.

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Welcome Athletes and Parents,

 Treble Cone Race Academy (TCRA), New Zealand’s World Class Alpine Ski Training, is excited to present our new Athlete Training Program for the 2018 Camp season. Here at TCRA we understand that traveling across the world is a major investment and commitment taken on by you and your families. When making the decision to attend TCRA, it is important to understand a major key to our success. Other than the world class environment we create by training alongside the top racers in the world, simply, it is our coaching and training philosophy:

  • We don’t use excuses to justify less than expected performances.
  • We don’t use ‘power phrases,’ things coaches say that can be generically applied to any athlete, but don’t have significance to each individual, instead we enforce the “deep learning process”
  • We don’t create tension, pressure or stressful situations.
  • We know from experience that effort, discipline and focus will lead to the highest level of success.
  • We believe self challenge and self regulation will produce a winning strategy.
  • We offer training every day of the Camp duration for Slalom and Giant Slalom in various terrain, specific courses, snow conditions and training times.
  • We don’t categorize our Athletes in “groups”! We create different training environments every day and our Athletes, together with their Team Coach, architect their training schedule for the upcoming days.
  • We don’t create generic training schedules for our Athletes such as the typical “3 day SL, day off, 3 day GS”! We offer SL and GS training every day in different environments and terrain and Athletes together with their Team Coach decided about the individual training schedule.
  • We have a medical trainer, 24/7 on site, monitoring the fitness, fatigues and performance output of our Athletes and together they decide about rest period, day off, recovery sessions, for every Athlete individually!

Our World Class infrastructure - including coaching staff, medical trainer, strength and conditioning coaches,  and training facilities, snow surface preparation, lodging, nutrition, transport, and training equipment - provides an environment that gives our athletes the best possible opportunity to improve and perform. Again this season we will welcome many National Teams, from all over the world, training under the banner of the Treble Cone Race Academy. TCRA Athletes access the same training facilities as these teams, and will frequently train alongside the world’s top alpine ski racers.

Traditionally, our camps start after the New Zealand school holidays. Our Camp 1 “U16 Development Camp” caters to young athletes in their early years of ski racing, and focuses on developing a real passion and enjoyment of the sport. As time goes by, ski racing becomes more and more demanding, so the focus here is on the development of skills and goals in a light, fun environment. Camp 3 “U16-18 Elite Camp”: This Camp is designed for U16 and U18 Athletes that are able training alongside our FIS Elite Group and the various National Teams training in August with TCRA. This camp is by approval from the TCRA Coaching staff only.

During our Camp 2 “U 18-U21 FIS Development Camp” we focus on FIS eligible athletes in their early years of competitive and elite ski racing. The athletes work on fundamental skill development for progress, performance, process and outcome in the first days of the Camp. In the second part of the Camp the focus shifts towards event specific skill development in Slalom and Giant Slalom, technical, tactical and mental performance components are  essential to merge for a successful outcome.  This Camp is finishing up with the Wanaka FIS Tech Series hosted by the nearby Cardrona Ski Resort.

In early August we fully commit to the FIS Elite athletes joining the Camp 4 “U18-21-mid Elite Camp”. Elite years in the sport are characterized by many hours of training and working hard towards personal excellence. Focus shifts more on results and winning than on effort and skill development. Winning inevitably becomes more important as levels of competition increase. Anyone following the results of this season knows TCRA athletes are winning at all levels.

While our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best camp experience in the world by creating a winning environment, we view another responsibility equally as important: to help athletes develop positive character traits necessary for a successful life. We are pleased to mention that many of our current TCRA athletes are considered leaders and valuable teammates on their respective club.

As we head into the upcoming season, the TCRA is anxious for you to join our winning tradition. I appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to welcoming you into one of our camps.

Guenther Birgmann

Director, Treble Cone Race Academy

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